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  • July 2015
    In July the operator registered the LY-ETM ATR-42 in Bulgarian register and in September Bright Flight begin a procedure of entering the ATR- 42 in its AOC. In the fall persona Bright Flight now has more than 50 people. Specialists in each of the areas of the aviation business.
  • April 2015
    One of the the most responsible tasks in April is the transportation of "Panagurishte treasure", part of the exhibition "The Epic of Kings" to the Louvre. The complexity of the task was very high due to the need for coordination of many departments in the way of treasure from the National History Museum in Sofia to Sofia Airport and to France.
  • March 2015
    In March 2015 Bright Flight expands its fleet with one passenger aircraft BAe-146 (reg. LZ-DAL).
  • December 2014
    In December 2014 Bright Flight Ltd. was licensed as a carrier of cargo and mail by the Bulgarian CAA. The carrier operates with two Antonov 26 (reg. LZ-FLA and LZ-FLL).

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